About Mike Isaac

A successful entrepreneur and representative on your behalf

How much time, effort, and energy will Michael put into selling your house? Look no farther than the amount of time he’s put into his other venture, Omni Safe Insurance based in Downey, California.

Omni Safe is a company Michael started when he was 28 years old. With nothing more than a single employee and a small corner office, Michael grew this small startup to 1,800 active clients and $542,000 in revenues before the first year was even over. A couple years later, Omni Safe was at a staff of 25 salespeople, insurance agents, and customer service reps. From that first small corner office, the company had expanded into 5 different locations all across California.

Michael’s natural strengths

Innate sales ability: Michael started his professional career as an insurance salesman. Having an outgoing personality since childhood, he quickly found that the career requirements of sales, namely helping people make good buying decisions, suited his skill set perfectly. Driven by natural desire to educate, help others, and achieve goals on a daily basis, Michael proudly wears his sales hat often and with regular success.


With a Masters of Business Administration from Argyros School of Business and Economics in Chapman University, Michael’s ability to structure complex business concepts was instrumental in bringing people together and building the foundation of his young company during its delicate startup phase.

A never-ending quest for personal and professional growth

As the founder and CEO of a successful property and casualty insurance company, you might ask why Michael participates in real estate at all. The answer is the personal drive to continue improving and expanding his business through exceptional client service.

Several years ago Michael started in real estate by acquiring rental properties, renovating them, and renting or selling.

The real estate investment and landlord business has been good, but Michael has always been a people person, and it was the agency side of real estate that attracted him most.

That’s why in 2014, he pursued his real estate license, and is now a licensed real estate agent and member of the Orange County Board of Realtors.

Michael’s successful career spans across multiple industries, from insurance sales to entrepreneurship, property investment, and finally the representative work of a real estate agent. Throughout his long and varied career track, a common thread of client service has always been the defining trait.

Michael is a real estate agent you can count on to promote your house aggressively, walk you through the sales process, and give you a one on one, consultative insight into the many nuances of the field. He’s ready to offer you the same level of service that he’s already provided to thousands of clients in the past.

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First Time Home Buyers

How can I get prequalified for a loan?

A good mortgage broker will help you determine how much home you can safely afford, and prequalify you with several lenders well ahead of closing time. We know several excellent mortgage brokers and would be glad to refer you -- just ask!

I feel overwhelmed by the home buying process

Although it is complex, the general home-buying process breaks down as follows: identifying your target market, selecting neighborhoods and viewing homes, placing offers and negotiating with sellers, and finally closing the transaction. A good real estate agent will help simplify the process and guide you every step of the way.

When is a good time to purchase?

Seasonal changes can affect home values, so it's a good idea to be conscious of where the local market is. A good real estate agent will help guide you to buy at the right time for your situation.

Should I rent or buy?

Over the long-term, owning your own home builds valuable equity that increases your net worth and sets your family up to retire comfortably. Renting provides no such financial benefits and should be considered a short-term option until home-buying is affordable.

Communities and Neighborhoods

Many things matter to homebuyers as much as proximity to restaurants, recreational areas, gyms, kids places, and other places of interest. Find out more about neighborhoods.

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